Question by  kat27 (31)

How would you define an sql database in layman's terms?


Answer by  ccno (12)

An sql database is a collection of data that is organized in an efficient way in regards to storage and retrieval. It might contain business contacts, financial records, or even information about your baseball card collection. The data is stored in tables and retrieved via queries.


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

An SQL database organizes data into tables,rows and columns and relates them to files, records and fields. It uses the English language instead of coded symbols to retrieve data. Examples of commands would be Select, Delete, or Update.


Answer by  WillyG (13)

A sql database is a system that stores, sorts, processes and delivers information in a structured manner. Sql databses store electronic information in tables. They are able to manipulate their data as instructed to do so and are commonly used to manage the data that users provide via electronic forms.


Answer by  vijayan (63)

Structured query languageis a standardized query language for requesting information from database. SQL is supported by PC database system as it supports databases that are spread out over several computer systems.

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