Question by  renee (354)

How should I start training to run a half marathon?


Answer by  nate33 (62)

To start training to run a half marathon, you should begin by measuring how far you can currently run. Once you have found out your limit, set a goal for yourself to improve your endurance. By running daily and slowly increasing the increments, you will be able to run marathons.


Answer by  joker101 (42)

Begin running every day and focusing on your nutrition, take proper breaks so to let your muscles build. If you do not enjoy running then it will be very difficult to keep covering the ten miles of practice. Start your run within your limit and move up to where you need to be.


Answer by  sean (141)

Start training months ahead of time. Start by running a mile or so at a time and then slowly build up by running a little more every 2-3 days


Answer by  binkman88 (53)

Marathons require a lot of training. First, sign up for a gym and go daily. Start slowly working with your legs and calves. The more you train the easier the marathon will be. Dont work your legs everyday though, switch it up with arms.


Answer by  alz (2329)

You can't expect to be able to run that much overnight. You need to work up towards your goals, increasing your mileage each time you go out. Change your diet to be very healthy and drink a lot of water.


Answer by  melios (55)

If you've never ran before, it's good to start slow, begin with walking to get your legs strong and your heart rate up, then work into jogging. It's good to take in extra nutrients as well. Work up to running and take it slow to avoid injury.


Answer by  ThomasDenholm (72)

Obviously physical fitness plays a very large part so running on a regular basis progessing to longer runs is key. A good technique is to train with a weight vest.


Answer by  ringneck (394)

I would suggest gradually building up your training base and working on increasing the distance of the long runs until you have completed a training workout at the half marathon distance or beyond. Figure out a goal for your race pace and try to train at a pace no more than ten percent slower than the goal.

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