Question by  Swaminathan (33)

How much is Osito the beanie baby worth?

It is in excellent condition.


Answer by  jillyann (40)

I see on eBay that they are going from anywhere of .25 cents to $179. The one going for $179 is authenticated though. If your Osito is authenticated, then maybe you could get this price. Normal price for any of the Osito beanies are .25 to $24.99 on eBay. You can try to see what you can get for yours.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

I have seen prices range from 99 cents to 30 dollars. It will depend on the condition and how much someone wants it.


Answer by  CJ81 (232)

There isn't much demand for beanie babies in general these days. Currently the Osito beanie baby is going for anywhere from $.99-$17 USD, depending on where you look.


Answer by  lile (0)

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