Question by  deannaharr (17)

How much is my 19 year old savings bond worth?


Answer by  ubbull39 (33)

It depends on many factors: how much you initially paid, what the interest rate is, and how much it is actually worth. For instance: If you paid $100, and you get $2 every six months, and it's worth $90, it is worth $166.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

That would depend on the maturity value and the bond series. Some bonds gain intrest until the maturity date and then they are worth their face value. Some bonds continue to gain intrest until they are cashed in. Your bond may still be gaining value.


Answer by  worker76 (773)

well, this depends on a lot of factors. it'ds like asking someone how much life insurance they have, or how much money is in someones savings account. It depends entirely on what's been contributed.


Answer by  frank (279)

The easiest way to determine what 19 year old savings bonds are worth is to go to one of the many federal saving bond sites and plug in the dates of the bonds. Once the dates are inserted into the web site the interest amount will calculated for you.


Answer by  jukile (26)

my 19 year old saving bond worth 60.000 $. i want to get a bigger sum to help my son to go t ocollege that he wants. i hope i can get the sum


Answer by  Anonymous

50 dollar face value bought 25 years ago, how much is it worth?

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