Question by  STariq (136)

How many calories in hamburgers?

I am counting calories but I love hamburgers?


Answer by  Romz (222)

Hamburgers are fattening even without the condiments. However, hamburger calorie count can vary based on the size of the beef patty, kind of bread it's put on, the quality of meat, and of course the toppings. Common toppings such as mayonaise, bacon, cheese, and a variety of sauces can rack up calories.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

There is no set amount of calories in a hamburger unless you measure the amount of meat, but if you put toppings on you burger like mayo or cheese you are adding calories to the burger so you should come up with a standard burger that meets your caloric needs.


Answer by  RachelW (932)

Hamburgers can vary tremendously in their calorie content based on size, cooking style, and type of beef used. A medium size hamburger usually contains about 200 calories, but 150 or so for the bun.

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