Question by  Dtrice (24)

How long should it take for FBI name clearance?


Answer by  mirabelle3366 (120)

The FBI should be capable of getting a name clearance within 5 days, although it may take as long as 120 days depending on the nature of the visa and the status of credentials. The vast majority of name clearances are completed within 30 days from the date of submission.


Answer by  pureempathy (17)

These generally take 4-6 weekds depending on the method used, it will be longer if not submitted electronically, electronically filed they can be as short as 5 days. It all depends on the means by which the clearance is presented to the FBI. These checks are very in depth and require finger prints of all 10 fingers.


Answer by  MarshaKeeffer (74)

Department of Justice background checks done by the FBI are exhaustive. The electronic process involves transmitting a full set of 10 fingerprints. City, county, state and federal records may also be checked. The FBI may need to check with other agencies. Expect 4 - 6 weeks to provide enough time for completion of the clearance.


Answer by  xazurianx (330)

There are many factors that determine how quickly an FBI name clearance and/or background check to come back. Some parties rely on U. S. mail to carry the documentation while others opt to submit the check electronically. Electronically filed checks take on average 5 business days, while mailed submissions can take upwards of two weeks.


Answer by  SandyGfox (120)

Standard FBI background checks will take approximately half an hour. However, more detailed searches can take much longer. It depends on the detail of the clearance search.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

For confidential clearance, four to six months. For secret clearance, six to ten months. Due to the depth of the investigation, it can take a year to get top secret clearance. This is the time from when your employer submits the paperwork to when the defense agency with the job grants clearance.

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