Question by  horace007 (14)

How is small bowel cancer treated?

My aunt was recently diagnosed.


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

With chemotherapy and sometimes radiation. It all depends on the stage of the cancer when it is diagnosed how aggressive the treatment will be and for how long you have to have the treatment. Treatment for small bowel and colon cancer are very similar as both are considered intestine types of cancer.


Answer by  skm (432)

The treatment depends on how advanced the cancer is. If the cancer is limited to involving only the small bowel, then the first step in treatment will be surgery to remove the cancer. After that chemotherapy, radiation, or both might be required.


Answer by  Jenny25 (939)

Well you have to get surgery for it. But the first step is detox. Try to detoxify your body and see what happens.


Answer by  Bubba49 (177)

It is treated by surgery or chemotherapy. Depending on the kind of cancer and how far advanced it is, the therapy is variably successful.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

Well they may have to remove part of her bowels. Don't worry many people have this done and are fine. Chemo comes to mind, too, if nothing else works.

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