Question by  captainhall (25)

How does a 13 year old become an actress?


Answer by  GuyGuy9987 (34)

Get involved in theater with your school and out of school. Get as much experience as you can, participate in any school plays or church plays that are offered to you. Go to local theaters in your community. The bottom line is, do as much acting as you can now and it will pay off for you in the future.


Answer by  brooklyn (374)

With all the rash of upcoming young stars the key is to audition, audition, audition. It is best if the young teen also has something new and inviting that has not been overplayed already. A good place to start is comercials.


Answer by  randman21 (224)

She must have the authorization of her parents, as she is still a minor. Then she can take drama lessons or go to various castings for movies or commercials. This can be as a main role or as a minor character, who will probably be in a scene amongst a lot of other people.


Answer by  DiannSmith (108)

Begin by focusing on one type of medium -- commercials, film, live plays, or television. Then, conduct information interviews with as many people involved in that medium as possible. Do not ask or pretend it is an audition; be seriously curious about each individuals opinion. Only after conducting these information interviews, start contacting the people you admired for auditions.


Answer by  Betty108 (10)

Becoming an actress is not easy, but starting young is the key. Sign up for school and local theater productions (often available through camps, local parks and service organizations, too). Try drama, comedy, the classics and more to see if acting feels right for you.

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