Question by  praveenalister (79)

How do you remove the keys from a keyboard of an IBM thinkpad?

I need to remove the keys from my thinkpad so that I may clean my keyboard.


Answer by  JNorton (79)

IBM thinkpad keyboard keys can be removed by carefully popping them off their connections. You need to wedge a thin object under the key and unsnap it from its connection. The keys can be replaced by firmly pressing them back in to position.


Answer by  Jack56 (408)

Purchasing a keycap puller will enable you to safely remove the keys caps without damaging their base or any of the supporting springs. Use cotton swabs that are dipped in rubbing alcohol to gently wipe all key caps and utilize tweezers to remove or scrape the underlying dirt or grime.


Answer by  Engineer (49)

Well, What I do for my IBM Thinkpad to remove the keys on it, is I can take a nail filer, and lift the keys up off of the thinkpad, and then it makes a pop noise and they lets you know that it was removed then you gently lift up, be sure not to break it though.


Answer by  kseve (46)

Easiest way to remove the keys from a thinkpad is with the use of a knife or the end of a dull object. Place the end of the knife to the side, underneath the key, and gently lift the key. You may hear a cracking sound dont be alarmed.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well on most keyboard the keys simple pop off. You need something small and flat like a screwdriver to pop each on off. Be careful to not damage them. Once you are done cleaning the should simply pop back on.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

The keys just pry off, but I don't recommend doing that. Instead get some compressed air and blow it out or use denatured alcohol.


Answer by  mathivanan (84)

unplug all the devices which are connected with your thinkpad then switch off, remove battery. back side of the thinkpad there is a screw, unscrew it. thats it


Answer by  Me67 (77)

The keys on the keyboard are designed to simply pop out without any damage. As long as you do not pry them sideways or twist them they should put out nicely if you use even a butter knife or a small, thin object for leverage. Just do on row at a time so they don't all get lost.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Switch of the laptop. Remove the accumulator. Remove the screw of the accumulator container. Remove the screw of the mini PCI hatch. Remove the screw under the mini PCI hatch. Turn the laptop and open the lcd display. Push the arm at the keyboards and take it out of the frame carefully.

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