Question by  vaargen (83)

How do you remove a hard water stain?

How do you prevent them?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Hard water stains are removed with acids, like white vinegar. Spray the vinegar full-strength on the area and buff with a soft cloth. You can also cut a lemon in half and rub the exposed flesh on the stains. Prevent the stains by installing a water softener or by wiping down the shower/tub/faucets immediately after each and every use.


Answer by  dualienoted (65)

If you run tap water through something like a faucet, minerals will accumulate. Fill a baggy with vinegar and tie it on the shower head or faucet for several hours to dissolve it. There are commercial products you can buy, but vinegar usually works just as well. Don't use it on something fragile, like a fiberglass shower.


Answer by  tiggontiggon (56)

Hard water stains are hard to prevent completely, however with some maintenance you can easily maintain a unstained device with a simple cheap substance vinegar. Simply occasionally rinse with a 1:10 vinegar/water to prevent, however cleaning hard water stains can be more difficult. Soaking in strait vinegar will loosen the hard water stains then you can scrub it off.


Answer by  ihatetv (581)

I have had some luck with alternate scrubbings with an abrasive bleach cleanser like Comet and undiluted white vinegar. The white vinegar is really good for removing mineral buildup. If you can't get a water softener, I would advise you to spray the bad spots with white vinegar regularly to prevent buildup.

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