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Question by  LadyCookie (52)

How do you pronounce "Aeropostale"?

I want to apply for a job there but I need to know how to pronounce the name correctly.


Answer by  julie86 (24)

The name is pronounced like so, "Air- Oh- Poss- al. " And an easy way to remember this, is that the prefix "Aero" is actually the definition of "air" in the Greek language, so the way it sounds is the actual meaning. Also, it is important to note that the "t" in the name is silent.


Answer by  sp1983 (31)

Please keep in mind that Aeropostale is a french word when you are attempting to pronounce it. Aero is pronouced like the word arrow. Post is pronouced like pasta without the a. Finally the ale is pronounced like the letter L. Written phonetically the word would be air-oh-passt-el

posted by Anonymous
It is NOT pronounced like the "past" in "pasta;" that's how so many people misprounce it. It is air-oh-post-all, where the "post" sounds like the "post" in "post office." It is French (hence the accent) not Italian.  add a comment

Answer by  triangular (148)

Correct French/Spanish pronunciation is "ayy-ro-poast-ahl" or "eye-erro-poast-ahl. " But if you want to get the correct pronunciation that your local (I presume American) store uses, call the store and see how they say it when they answer. Make sure you have a question ready about a sale or something so you aren't rude!


Answer by  Anonymous

Arrow-post-ah-lee (Italiano)


Answer by  melanie21 (33)

It's one I have had a hard time with as well. I've come to the conclusion that it is: (aero) like aero-plane and (postale) with the "a" sound like apple, with the "e" silent. Hope that helps and good luck!


Answer by  Philip (15)

(arrow Puh stall).. I know this because my boyfriend was a district manager of Aeropostale from the very beginning when it split from Macy's Department Store. most people mispronounce it and say(arrow postALL)


Answer by  Anonymous



Answer by  12 (82)

this store name is pronounced "aero-post-tell". This store sells popular clothes that young people enjoy wearing. They compeate with other mall stores such as american eagle and ambecrombie and fitch. They sell many clothes in pastel colors and the logo on the girls clothing is a butterfly. They have low prices

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