Question by  Emily19 (25)

How do you make your own lye soap?

I would like to make lye soap for a school project.


Answer by  oddflash (902)

Here's a recipe for cold lye soap. 1 can lye 2 1/2 pints of cold water 5 1/2 pounds lard Dissolve lye in water and set aside until temperature is less than 80 degrees. Melt the fat and set aside until temperature is 115 degrees. Very slowly pour dissolved lye into fat. Stir until it thickens, and pour into mold.


Answer by  Paola (6)

Purchase the lye at a grocery store together with pure lard or vegetable oil. In a glass recipient mix lye and cold water, carefully, protecting hands and eyes. Pour the mixture into the fat and stir until having a smooth paste. Let it dry and finally cut into soap bars.


Answer by  ChristalB (26)

Safety is the number one concern in making lye soap. You will be using caustic ingredients. Make the soap in a well ventilated area. You need 2 gallons of soft water, 1 can lye, and 5 pounds of lard. Heat the fat. In a separate container add lye to the water. Add lye water to fat. Cook for 2 hours.


Answer by  Greathouse (30)

Mix 1 pound of Lye, slowly add 1/2 pound borax, 7 pounds of grease, to dissolve lye. slowly add 1 quart Cold Water. Add 20 drops fragrance oil. Set Mold

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