Question by  nasemcsc (36)

How do you join the Keith Urban fan club?

I am a huge fan of Keith Urban and would like to become a part of his fan club.


Answer by  Milette (1105)

Go to keithurban.net. There you will see an option to register as a member of the site and his fan club. You will receive exciting news about upcoming Keith Urban events and other fabulous snippets via e-mail.


Answer by  ewam (403)

Well, they have an official Keith Urban website. You can go there and become a fan. Or, you could find a fan group on a popular social networking website such as facebook or myspace. Or, you can make your own fan club!


Answer by  Rayna (24)

To join the Keith Urban Fan Club, you go to Keith Urbans' personal website and click "Register" (located at the top right) then choose "Monkeyville Membership" then you're a member.


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

Keith Urban has a fan website it's keithurban.net. I also believe he has a facebook fan page. I hope this helps.

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