Question by  helper84 (35)

How do you get your cat not to hit at you?

My cat hits at me a lot.


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

cats are just like children. they have to be disciplined. smack his paw a little and say NO in a loud firm voice. you can also simply put him down and refuse to hold him for awhile. they will evetually get the message. cats are very smart and pick up on your words really fast.


Answer by  meg333 (55)

If your cat is hitting you, that may mean that he or she wants to play. If he or she only hits you once, then stops, or just short jabs, get a cat toy or a piece of string, and put that in front of him or her. If it's continued pawing, then it's reliving kitten hood.


Answer by  christy (35)

Are you being gentle with your cat when it isn't acting aggressively? If not, then do so, and if it is relentlessly acting up, then get a spray bottle, fill it with water, and spray the cat whenever it makes a move at you. House cats hate being sprayed and will eventually quit doing what triggers it.


Answer by  JAM87 (111)

Usually it's because they want you attention, check to see if they have food and water. If so and the problem persists, you can use a squirt bottle.


Answer by  Justbarb (98)

I believe we love cats because they seem never quite domesticated. If your cat hits you, don't provoke it. Eventually it will get uninterested and the behavior will lessen.


Answer by  Kilotheros (97)

You could try spraying it with water whenever it hits at you. You could also try giving it treats whenever it doesn't hit at you for a while.

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