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Question by  jen8522 (2)

How do you get tartar on your teeth?

Is it naturally found in food?


Answer by  canadabee (932)

Tartar is a natural biproduct of eating and drinking, so everyone gets tartar on their teeth every day. You can remove tartar from on your teeth by brushing, and from between your teeth by flossing. Mouthwashing is also helpful, since it prevents tartar and plaque from spreading through bacterial growth.


Answer by  mikan0105 (17)

As a person ets, food particles are left between teeth. If a person does not observe good oral hygiene and allows these food particles to remain and build up, these food particles will build up and hardened to become tartar.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

You get tartar from foods that Tartar is easily cleaned off of your teeth by brushing daily, if you can brush after each meal. Also, be sure to floss daily. you eat, and from the bacteria already found in your mouth.


Answer by  lorio (96)

Tartar on your teeth is simply plaque that has hardened and cannot be removed with a toothbrush. It is caused by bad dental habits such as not brushing, not flossing, eating sugary foods, not visiting the dentist and not eating foods like crunchy vegetables that assist in keeping teeth clean.

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