Question by  smoon (46)

How do you flush the cooling system of your vehicle?


Answer by  oddflash (902)

You can buy a flushing kit from your local automotive parts retailer which will come with instructions and all of the needed fittings and chemicals. It is an easy project.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

there are many ways to do this. i open the peckcock on the raditor . down onm the bottom. then open the radiater cap . drain all fliud out , then using a hose thur the upper rad hose spray wwater till it runs clear. refill. and purge system.


Answer by  zackgm (45)

I would take off the upper and lower radiator hoses and drain all coolant from vehicle, then flush while a hose til water comes out clear.


Answer by  cowboy82 (32)

take a hose (for example a normal hose like you use it in the yard) and flush the cooling system in the other way than the coolant goes throug the engine... and remove as much componetes as possible...

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