Question by  JessM (256)

How do you e-mail your senator?

Is this the best way to get a senator's attention?


Answer by  danr (93)

Senate members have e-mail addresses posted on their profile pages at senate.gov. Simply find your senator on the U.S. Senate website and write an email to the address specified on their page. This is a useful tool but I am not sure of the frequency of response to individual emails.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

Do a search on Google for your senator's website. There will be a listing on how to email them. The senator's staff keep track of emails received from constituents and their opinions on the issues. Email is effective as long as it is personally written instead of a form letter.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Simply use any search engine to locate your senator's official website. Once on their site, look for the senator's contact information, which should typically include email, postal addresses, and phone numbers. Although email may not be the best method of contact, it is the easiest and most efficient.


Answer by  cmac (5)

The best way to email your senator is to visit their official website and send your email to their official account. This combined with a followup phone call is the best way to get a Senator's attention.

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