Question by  misscrabtree123 (14)

How do you determine what spirits are around you?

I feel the presence of spirits all the time but am unsure of who they are or what they want.


Answer by  MsHutchison (22)

I am a very religious person. I believe you can tell what spirits are around you by the actions of people and the influences you feel. Angels are going to bring you closer to God while demons will try to draw you away.


Answer by  worker7341 (20)

There is no exact way to do this, but you could try talking to them, or using "trigger objects" around them. Find an object linked to a deseased relative, and see if that will bring them to you individualy.


Answer by  maxwell (289)

I know exactly the spirits associated with beloved ones who have passed away. A gift years ago was a deer feeder from my passed mother. I talk to her often. It's only when I need her or just ask for her that a deer(s) will appear within seconds; once a deer jumped right over my small car!


Answer by  Chrissie (266)

It can be dangerous for the uninitiated to make their own explorations without guidance; consult a medium or psychic professional in your area.


Answer by  tcat (769)

I think you can tell the calibur of spirits around you by how people act in the vicinity. Positive, calming spirits will have that reaction among the people in the area. You can pick up on that feeling generally when your in the vicinity. Negative spirits may put off the feelings of fear, hate and anger.


Answer by  TJenkins602 (656)

According to the Bible, if it bears the fruit of the holy spirit, (Love, joy, patience, etc.) then they are good spirits.


Answer by  dpauleyii (843)

Spirits are either evil or angels. Ask the spirit in the name of Jesus who they are and they should tell you their name.

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