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How do you calculate tax?


Answer by  TMNT (120)

To calculate tax on purchases like clothing or eating at a restaurant, you multiply the amount of the bill by 1.the percentage of tax. As an example, if the tax is 15%, you multiply your purchase by 1.15. Many cellphones also have tip calculators, which can be used to calculate tax.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

It depends on what kind of tax you want to calculate. Sales taxes in many states are a flat percentage of the amount spent on specific items. Income tax is based on the amount earned, deductions, whether you itemize, whether you are eligible for a tax credit, etc. The IRS site has tax tables.


Answer by  wright900man (10)

Tax can be thought of as a payment for services or goods received. Most people dont think of what they have received and sometimes feel cheated out of their money. But the person who receives more goods or services from the government should pay more tax.

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