Question by  MNarasimhan (27)

How do I perform a handstand press?

I need help with some basic gymnastic moves.


Answer by  tweety (266)

I've seen great handstand press videos on youtube - check it out.


Answer by  CoachLauren (35)

To learn a press, you must have very strong arms and abs. To begin, make sure your shoulders are directly above your hands. You can start with your feet up on a mat to make the skill easier. Use your abs to pull your feet to the ceiling without jumping.


Answer by  light (200)

Very challenging maneuver, but practice will make perfect. You need a great sense of balance and a bit of arm strength. Place your hands palm down on the floor in front of you an then slowly raise your legs creating balance with your shoulder position and arm flexion.


Answer by  informant31 (510)

Stand facing a wall. Place your hands on the floor a few inches from the wall. Lean forward and press up. Keep your shoulders over your hands and your arms perpendicular to the floor. Lift hips completely before lifting your legs. Reverse the motion and stradle down to the floor.


Answer by  addicted (186)

Handstand press is easy after a few trials and errors. The trick is to lean forward on your arms to lift your legs rather than simply lift your feet. Once your feet are above your shoulder positioning becomes easier and you have to balance your way to a handstand press.


Answer by  bananaboat (321)

Get into the tuck position with your hands down in front of you. Using your arms, bent, to support your weight, move your hips higher than your shoulders. Now press and start to straighten your body in the air. Keep yourself tucked.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

Place both hands on the floor about shoulder width apart. Next, place the top of your head on the floor and about 8 inches in front of your hands. Straighten your legs and then pull your feet in toward your face. Your toes are on the floor and your hips are directly above your head. Slowly lift into a handstand.

Reply by boonjax (205):
If you ever lose your balance you can either roll out of it or pirouette out of a fall to avoid damage. Please don't attempt handstands in cramped rooms or where you can potentially hurt yourself. Never attempt it when you're drunk - it may be funny but dangerous!  add a comment
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