Question by  Bill6565 (20)

How do I open windows that have been painted shut?


Answer by  Tony778 (23)

To open your windows that have been painted shut, invest in a single edge razor and attempt to cut the paint at the seam between the window and its outside sill, apply paint remover and re-attempt as needed. Another method could be to pry open with a crow bar, be sure the window is unlocked and ready to slide.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

If its standard paint you can take a razor blade and remove the paint around the window to try to free it up, you may also want to consider using a paint stripper so that it gets inside the cracks of the windows and avoids you from tugging to hard on the window and breaking it.


Answer by  mechanicalturk1001 (40)

Inspect the window to find the gap around opening and determine how thick the gap and paint are. For a thin gap or one layer of paint, a paring knife will do. For thicker layers, a paint scraper may work well. Just slice carefully through the paint around the opening.


Answer by  AEF (519)

First, break the paint seal everywhere you can. Run around the edge of the window with a razor blade or sharp knife. If the paint is really thick, you may need a chisel. Tap the window firmly. Keep alternating between chipping away the paint and firm taps. It'll open.

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