Question by  Tate20 (15)

How do I grow a banana tree?


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

You need to first get a leaf from an already existing banana tree, and then plant that leaf in the ground.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

A well draining soil using 20% perlite is very important. Combine watering with light fertilizer with almost every watering, as banana plants feed heavily. Do not water weekly; water when approximately 1/2" of soil is dry. Twelve hours of bright light work great with this plant. Fresh circulating air and warm temperatures are favorites.


Answer by  xtremetree (306)

Place the banana seed into a peat pellet. Once the seed sprouts and reaches a height of 8 inches, you may transplant the seed outdoors. Plant must be in an area with direct sun light.


Answer by  raj75 (47)

the bananas are the fruits which are available all the year. banana trees can be planted by using baby banana saplings or banana rhizomes. they dont need any extra maintenance and they require frequent watering to the tree and sufficient sunlight. they become full fledged after 10-15 months and they produce the bananas.


Answer by  SUDHA (5)

The mother tree gives birth to the child plant adjuscent to it. Place it in a watery area. Within a weeks period we can find a small growth from the child plant. It takes 10 months for the banana tree to give plantain and banana flowers. Stem also can be used


Answer by  maheshbabukcT (19)

Find an banana tree which does not have a proper growth. Cut it and place it in new place which have good soil for that to grow

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