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Question by  llisatakb (30)

How do I declare bankruptcy?


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

You need to contact a bankruptcy lawyer and set up a free consultation to see if you even qualify. You need to gather all your debits, bills , money owed . The phone book or on line is a good place to look and read up on what will be expected from you.


Answer by  mechturk0111 (6)

The first step in declaring bankruptcy is contacting a lawyer. You will then be given a set of papers instructing you on information to gather regarding creditors, assets, banking information, and more. Complete the data required accurately and the lawyer will prepare your request to file with the courts.


Answer by  sweeneydjg (87)

The first step to take when declaring bankruptcy would be speaking with a qualified lawyer on the subject, preferably one with experience dealing with bankruptcy. Just a hint - do not pay lawyers for consultations, they are legally not allowed to accept payment until actual services are performed.


Answer by  Silver575 (69)

Bankruptcy is a long and complicated process. First and foremost, find a lawyer for bankruptcy court. Secondly, list all financial assets and debts carefully so you can prove your case in court. Then, you can officially file a Declaration of Bankruptcy with your lawyer, depending on which Chapter you need (Ch. 7, Ch. 11, ect.) Know your rights before filing!


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

Your best bet is to get a bankruptcy attorney who will do the paperwork for you. He will get your name on the docket and the judge will either approve or disapprove your request. You have to go through counselling.


Answer by  cynosure (376)

Commence a bankruptcy case by filing a petition with the bankruptcy court in your area. Note, however, that the process can be complicated, and legal representation is recommended.


Answer by  mikki7200 (104)

If you choose to declare bankruptcy you should first save up enough money to pay the filing fee that is around $200. Next keep saving so you can hire an attorney, about $600. It is smart to hire an attorney so you can get the legal information involved in filing.


Answer by  patti (29325)

While you can file a bankruptcy on your own, it is wise to obtain the services of an attorney for this highly involved process. Some attorneys advertise these services. Call around and get some quotes.


Answer by  Sharyl (340)

the first step is to contact two or three lawyers in your area make appointment and talk with them, if you look in your local phone book most lawyers are free for the first appointment. You can decide from there which one will meet your needs best. Then proceed from there.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You need to find yourself a Bankruptcy Lawyer. He will go through the paper work to see if Bankruptcy is your best option and he will help you file.


Answer by  worker2328 (52)

If you need to declare bankruptcy you must hire a bankruptcy attorney and they will help you file the necessary paperwork


Answer by  BearLoco (11)

The first thing you have to decide when deciding to declare bankruptcy is if you are planning a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy means that you will liquidate assets while Chapter 13 means that you will reorganize your debt. After you decide which one to file, contact a local trusted attorney for advice.

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