Question by  3orabi (104)

How can I troubleshoot a Moen shower leak?


Answer by  samwatson (160)

I have with great success used Moen's website for troubleshooting, but it sounds like you might just need some more plumber's tape.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

The first step is to trace the location of the leak. Is the leak coming from the faucet or valve handles. Is it coming from the shower head or is it a leaking pipe. Moen offers rebuild/stem kits for their valves. They are fairly easy to rebuild. Dripping shower heads indicate the valves are not closing all the way.


Answer by  ktbirdfly (90)

Your question is too broad, are you asking about repairing the head, the hose, the piping behind the wall, the faucet, the drain? If the leak is from the faucet the leak could be the valve behind it or in the wall remove the wall and run the shower.Check for damaged valves,pipes and joints. Repair as needed.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

A faucet leak is probably due to a worn washer or some fixture has come loose. You need to turn off the water supply and tighten everything in the faucet set. Check to see if the washer needs to be replace. If it does replace it and see if the leak stops.

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