Question by  isabella (46)

How can I get rid of yellow jackets and their nests in the ground?


Answer by  ModernMode (28)

Buy a spray can of bee killer. It's important that you wait until dusk so all bees will have returned to the hive. Spray directly into the hole.


Answer by  gregored (19)

The method I used some time ago was to spray insecticide into the entrance, wait some time, run water into the tunnels, then dig them up, spraying any stray bugs.


Answer by  psychomom (58)

Recommended: Cover opening of the hole with a bleach saturated cloth. Not recommended: Squirt lighter fluid into opening and ignite. Do either in late evening when they are less active.


Answer by  momma (50)

Don't go near them during the day. In the cool of the evening, pour gas quickly down the hole, and set it on fire. Run.

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