Question by  Melissssah (20)

How can I get rid of tiny ants around my home?


Answer by  shreya (58)

To get rid of tiny ants,there are many medicated sprays, sticks,etc.avaliable in the market. You can use household things, that are easily available in you own kitchen. Wherever there are ants around your home , sprinkle some Termeric powder on that place carefully. Sprinkle it at all the place, small holes.It really works.


Answer by  Rachel54 (109)

Ant traps can be purchased at many retail stores such as Walmart, and are an easy way to get rid of ants. A home remedy for these tiny pests include putting cornmeal around their home, for them to eat. They cannot digest it, and will die.


Answer by  et (154)

It may sound weird, but the easiest thing that I have come across to get rid of ants (besides cleaning constantly) is cinnamon. Put cinnamon where you see the ants and they won't go there. It's kind of fun to watch them scatter, too!


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

I have had good experience with laying a thin line of unused coffee grounds around the perimeter of my house. Decaf or regular, bargain brands or expensive imported brands, they all seem to work. Evidently ants don't like coffee!


Answer by  Sreekumar (39)

Best way to get rid of tiny ants from home is to use Turmeric powder. Spread Turmeric powder through the ways ants going. This is natural way - nothing harm to environment. Another way is to use DDT powder. But use it with much caution.


Answer by  chromiumv12 (40)

I prefer to use ant bait traps. That way you don't have any foul smelling spray around your home (which would most likely be in the kitchen area). Place them in out of the way areas hidden from pets and children.

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