Question by  Jennifer26 (23)

How can I get rid of a sty in my eye?


Answer by  Bones (105)

Heat will hasten the healing of a sty. The best way to apply the heat, is to hold a spoon under hot running water until the spoon is very warm, but not hot to the touch. Hold the bowl side of the spoon to the eye until the spoon begins to cool. Repeat several times during the day.


Answer by  bnb5 (51)

The best and easiest way to get rid of a sty is to make sure your face is clean. Soak a cloth with very warm water and hold it over your eye for several minutes. Repeat this several times. You may also try this while in a steamy hot shower. The heat seems to bring out the infection.


Answer by  elrucro (47)

The best way to remove a sty from your eye is to place a damp, warm washcloth over the eye. By doing so repeatedly over the course of several days, it will gradually remove all the fluid from the eye. Do not try to pop it like a pimples because it may become infected.


Answer by  MMarie (90)

You can just get a tea bag and soak it in warm water. Don't soak it scolding hot water or else you'll burn your eye. then once its soaked enough, just place it and keep it on your eye. This will make the blood near your eye flow faster making the sty go away.

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