Question by  Atul (48)

fortis fortuna juvat: What does it mean and where did it come from?


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

The phrase comes from the Latin language which means: "fortune favors the brave". It is an idiomatic expression that implies those who have the guts or courage to do things which others won't are lucky or fortunate because it is certain that some opportunity will go their way. This is somewhat related to the phrase "No guts, no glory. "


Answer by  biw (79)

It means fortune favors the brave. The words are Latin. Fortis means brave and fortuna means fortune. Juvat means he, she or it favors. It is from the author Virgil.


Answer by  rhistory (224)

Fortis fortuna juvat is Latin and means fortune favors the brave. It is found in Virgil's Aeneid and is the motto of the 3rd Marine Regiment.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

"Fortune favors the brave. " The first know usage comes from the ancient Latin play "Phormio" by Terence, from sometime between the years 170 - 160 BCE.

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