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Question by  justme6 (61)

Does the Ford Escape hold its value in the used car market?

It's a V6.


Answer by  Phillip (69)

No car holds it value. They always depreciate. However, since the Escape is a small SUV, with a good amount of interior room and relatively good mileage, it is a moderately desirable vehicle. This being so, it will likely depreciate at a lower rate.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Fords do not really hold much value in the used car market. If you want a car that holds it's value you should get a Toyota or Honda.


Answer by  shorty92 (54)

Yeah I think with the way the economy has been lately, the v-6 escape might be more valuable than the 8 cylinder for the simple fact of fuel consumption. Most Ford Escapes do retain their market value most of the time though so any of them are a good choice for purchase.

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