Question by  Meho (17)

Do cheerleading squads mix their own music?

Where do cheerleaders get their music mixes from?


Answer by  gabriela (16)

Yes, often there will be one or several leaders within the group or squad who are responsible for creating the tracks that are performed to. The technical proficiency with which these mixes are created varies greatly.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

Typically cheerleading squads do not mix their own music but instead hire a local DJ to mix the music for them. Run a quick search online to find a DJ in your neighborhood that would be willing to mix music for little money, if not for free.


Answer by  Micha (65)

Cheerleading squads most often have custom mixes made for them, to ensure that their music is original and not used by anybody else in the competition. There are several places online that can do this, as well as local businesses.


Answer by  NickSharpisaBitch (103)

Not usually. The high school I went to just used those Now Cds, but the techno versions and chose a song. I'm sure some serious squads do though.


Answer by  Anonymous

Unique music is really vital in cheerleading, so custom cheer music is kind of a must have. It's easy enough to get some though, with sites like cheersounds and local businesses (as Micha said)


Answer by  Jmandy00 (0)

There are places out there that mixes the music for them. www(dot)cheermusicmixer(dot)com is an example of a place that mixes the music for cheerleaders. There are DJ's that will do it for you, either for some money of free. It just depends on the Cheer group.

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