Question by  elephant33 (19)

Can you tell me about Islamic cultural practices?

I want to learn Muslim culture.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

There is an excellent book that explains the Muslim religion from the viewpoint of an American. It's called "No God But God" by Reza Aslan. I wanted to know more about the culture and religion, and I found this book to be excellent. You can check it out at a library or buy it.


Answer by  abdussamih (36)

You have to obey the orders of ALLAH(GOD)and to have to learn the teachings of MUHAMMAD(S. W)u must read and try to change life according to QURAN and SUNNAT and U have to know and learn how to behave with others and striving for good deeds.


Answer by  lgh1 (46)

Islamic culture is old and deeply rooted in the Quran. Women mostly wear a veil to cover their face and at public places, they don't mix with men. Muslims pray 3 times a day facing the mecca and try to make a pilgrimmage there once in this life.


Answer by  jshdvrs (28)

The Islamic or Muslim religion teaching are an absolutely beautiful religion with great teachings of peace, sacrifice, and love. It is a religion that that is extremely miss understood, and a culture that is feared based on the acts of a few maniacs, who have truly perverted the beautiful religion that it is.


Answer by  gunner70 (10)

Islam is a culture based on the Muslim religion. Muslims generally believe in peace and love. Muslims do not go to church like Catholics do, but they praise Allah


Answer by  YellowPlum (28)

The five pillars of Islam are very important, they include confession of faith, ritual prayer, fasting during Ramadan, traveling to Mecca, and partaking in almsgiving.

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