Question by  JOHN8837 (6)

Can you really get paid to do online surveys?

I see ads online but I don't know anybody who actually signs up.


Answer by  LariKyytsnen (35)

Yes you can. Amazon mechanical turk, for an example, pays you for doing all sorts of small tasks including surveys. The pay's pretty low, but the tasks are quite easy.


Answer by  afamb (557)

Yes and no. There are a few legitimate sites that will pay you in either cash and/or prizes (usually free product samples) for taking their surveys. But there are a vast majority that are scams and schemes.


Answer by  fuse (105)

Yes you can. You will not become a millionaire doing that but if you are patient, you can have a few dollars out of that. A good way to increase your earnings is to sign up to different sites.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Yes there are actually a few legitimate sites out there that do actually pay you for taking surveys. Look online for reviews of which ones pay the most and are the easiest to get cash on. Just don't expect to get rich from them. Some like Opnion-Central pay in point put toward items you can claim.

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