Question by  dj (26)

Can you buy Red Hat Society clothing in stores or is it only available online?

There's some really cute stuff.


Answer by  aimzer19 (73)

Although I've never shopped for Red Hat Society clothing myself, I have seen it available in stores. A couple places I've seen it for sale include Mackinaw City, Michigan (in one of the touristy shops) as well as a few shops located in the Mall of America. However, I would guess it's most easily found online.


Answer by  TrulyHonest (123)

You can buy Red Hat Society clothing in stores and online. There are websites, such as Red Hat Society Store, that you can order your cloths and have them shipped to you. You can also buy clothing in a Hallmark store. Either way you have many options of finding these fun pieces of clothing.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

Red Hat Society T-shirts are sold at selected J C Penney stores all over the country. I do not know if the society gets all of the proceeds though. There are some stores that carry a limited supply so it is best to visit the website for a larger selection and authentication.


Answer by  karolkimberlee (12)

Yes, Red Hat Society cltohing can be purchased in stores. A general merchandise store in Danville, PA, for example, offers a variety of Red Hat Society clothing. Making the clothing available in stores is convenient for people interested in the society.

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