birth control


Question by  Blue462 (26)

Can I use the birth control mini pill after childbirth?

I want to make sure I am protected.


Answer by  CarrieHamston (149)

This is the recommended pill for use postpartum, especially for breastfeeding mothers. The lactation amenorrhea method has an identical effectiveness rate for the first six months postpartum.


Answer by  maggiec1179aolcom (754)

yes but most doctors won't recommend a birth control pill while you are breastfeeding. My doctor suggests an IUD that can be removed at any point for birth control while breastfeeding.


Answer by  JennW (342)

The mini-pill is only 87-99% effective - less than the regular pill. If you're trying to breastfeed, wait six weeks after birth to establish, as hormones can decrease production.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You cannot take it if you are breastfeeding. The baby will get some of the medicine in their system by your breast milk.

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