Question by  Jomackee (46)

Can I trust the quality of tennis rackets online?

I am a beginner player.


Answer by  mandown (416)

As a beginner player the most important thing for you to learn is how to actually hold a racket so the quality of online tennis rackets will be just fine.


Answer by  BilWitters (436)

If you are purchasing a tennis racket online, the quality should be fine. The only thing that would compromise the integrity of a tennis racket would be if it is used. If it has had a previous owner, the wear and tear of having it strung and hit with may compromise the frame of the racket.


Answer by  Lucyalicia92 (147)

Yes, you should be able to trust the majority of the quality of tennis rackets online. I myself have not bought any tennis rackets on the internet but I know a few people that have. It totally depends on where you buy the tennis racket from, is it from a trusted website? If so then yes you can.


Answer by  thetruthy (249)

Just like with anything else you buy on the internet if you buy the racquet from a reputable source then you will be able to trust the quality. However there are many fake racquets out there made to look similar to the real versions. So if the deal is too good to be true it probably is.

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