Question by  kumaranand (13)

Are the Desserts by Jessica Simpson products still in the market?

I havne't seen them in a store for a while.


Answer by  RunawayJim (964)

Yes, they are definitely still out there. Maybe the store that you saw them at stopped carrying them, but you can find them all over the web.


Answer by  hussyinterrupted (24)

No. That line was discontinued in late 2009. The reason was because people were putting the stuff on body parts they shouldnt have been ;) because they tasted good. The sugar in the product was giving some people yeast infections and after being sued by the infected, the line was discontinued.


Answer by  anderson (11)

The Desserts products by Jessica Simpson are still available. Perhaps there are not available in as many store as before, but they are definitely available for purchase online.


Answer by  lucky1317 (75)

They are not still being made. You can however find them online on sites like and other similar pages. Always check to make sure the seller is reliable.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

What a great name for a make up collection. They are still on the market. You might have to try a different store or buy them online.

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