Question by  ivalis (63)

Are antibiotics for dogs different than antibiotics for people?

My dog is sick, I have a people antibiotic, can I just give that to her?


Answer by  James79 (53)

Except in the most dire circumstances, I recommend against giving any medication to your dog without consulting a vet. Although human antibiotics typically do work in dogs, it can be very dangerous to give them to a dog without proper supervision.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

No, this is not recommended. Not only are animal antibiotics of different strengths than those for humans, but the infection your pet has may not respond to the antibiotic you have.


Answer by  karen87 (52)

I've done it before so Yes. If you have a capsule open it and mix it with their food - People antibiotics are much stronger than they give to animals.


Answer by  Roland (65)

You should consult your vet before giving the dog antibiotics. The sickness may be viral, and antibiotics will be ineffective. You also can find out the Dosage required.

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