Question by  Fishtales (373)

Would you let your girlfriend go to a club without you?


Answer by  Taylor (863)

If she is going out with her girlfriends (such as a girls night out) maybe, but as long as she was home before midnight. We both have established there is no need to be out past midnight without the other one. Nothing good usually happens after midnight.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You are going to need to trust your Girlfriend. If she says she isn't going to cheat on you then you have no choice but to believe her. Let her go. If you think she's cheating then call her on it.


Answer by  Stan567 (417)

Absolutely, good relationships have trust. Going to a club doesn't mean she's looking for someone. Besides, standing in her way just makes you look controlling, and no woman wants that.


Answer by  boylen (168)

It depends on why she wants to go. If she wants to go out with her girlfriends just to dance, and you trust her, then I would let her go. But if she has cheated on you or is planning on going alone, then I would never let her go without me.

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