Question by  ANISHKUMAR (7)

Will two gerbils get along together in the same cage?


Answer by  Quinn (86)

If they are male the answer will most likely be no. Two females might get along with one another, but be prepared to seperate them if they do not. Males are pretty territorial. If you get them while they are babies they may get along, until they hit gerbil puberty and they will start fighting.


Answer by  dolphin9 (195)

Generally, multiple gerbils can live harmoniously together in one cage, especially gerbils of the same general age, as long as the cage is big enough for both gerbils, with plenty of food, water, and play space. However, do not put a male and female gerbil in the same cage, unless you want many baby gerbils.


Answer by  Janette (46)

Yes they can. It is best to choose a pair that are already housed together, such as siblings. If you would like to introduce a new gerbil, the split cage method is best. Place a divider inside the cage which will allow the gerbils to see and smell each other for a few days. Once acquainted, you can remove it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes, preferably you should give them a companion to eliminate cage boredom and stress. It is said they will live longer with one. but make sure you get them aquainted w/ each other (split cage/cage-within-cage) or they will possibly fight to the death.


Answer by  enkidu87 (130)

Yes, two gerbils should get along well. Be careful to check their gender though, or you may end up with a whole lot of babies.


Answer by  worker3843 (29)

Yes, two gerbils will have fun. Give them lots of water, space, running wheel to keep them active so they will not fight.


Answer by  shizzle (0)

I own two male gerbils and they are 100% fine so just watch them at first and if they fight separate them for a while them put them together again. Have fun!

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