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Question by  shh28 (1)

Why is the skin hard under the incision scar?

Last month i had surgery in my left buttock due to an abscess. The incision healed well but left a scar and that area seems very tough.


Answer by  Jennifer7991 (36)

Incisions may become hard, raised, or unsightly. This is called a keloid scar. A keloid develops when too many hard collagen fibers are laid down instead of healthy soft viable skin cells.


Answer by  Melissa81 (90)

Skin can be a little tougher underneath incision scars do the presence of scar tissue. After surgeries, scar tissue can start forming at the incision site. If enough scar tissue builds up, it can cause the area to become tough and hard to the touch. It is usually harmless. It is usually more annoying than anything.

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