Question by  jennifern2213 (68)

Why is my 2000 Chevy Cavalier overheating?


Answer by  JOHNEBEG (486)

Not enough anti-freeze or a leak. Check the level in the radiator when car is cold. Fill the radiator with anti-freeze if needed. Start car and look for leaks. If no leaks, the thermostat may be stuck or the electric cooling fan may not work. If a. C works,turn it on. It will turn the fan on.


Answer by  69nova (389)

Several different possibilities can cause overheating. Check the level of your engine coolant when the vehicle is cool,also check the operation of the engine cooling fan,a quick way to check would be to turn on the air conditioner with vehicle running,and this will engage the cooling fan. another possibility could be a blown head gasket or stuck thermostat.


Answer by  lebrusc (24)

A lot of times it will have to be cause by the lack of oil due to a leak and the water level could be really low. Check all fluids and make sure not to drive if overheating.


Answer by  rueiro (17)

Have you checked the water in the radiator? Maybe the thermostat valve has stuck? Is the fan working? Lets hope that its one of these reasons related to the cooling system because if not then perhaps your head gasket has blown and you`re in REAL trouble!!


Answer by  aaaa (10)

The cap has a seal which is spring loaded and if this seal is bad and the sping is weakened,the valve will openand your coolant will flow into the reservoir.


Answer by  magda (97)

You need to check if the heater core is not leaking, if the radiator fan is working properly and check if the antifreeze coolant is not leaking from pipes.

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