Question by  Chris28 (34)

Why does the fan on my Honda Odyssey fan keep running even when I turn it off?


Answer by  happytimes63 (865)

Vehicles nowadays have a cooling system that allows the electric fan to run whenever there is a need to continue cooling. It is normal for the fan to run after you shut the car off. This allows the cooling system to cool your engine to tolerable limits after shut off.


Answer by  MHugabom (523)

Fans on newer vehicles will often continue to run after the vehicle has been shut off so that they can continue to cool the radiator fluid. This is normal.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

WEll on modern cars the cooling fan is actuated by a sending unit. When the engine get too hot it kicks on to lower it to a safe temperature. If you turn the car off while it is hot the fan can sometime continue to run to cool it off.


Answer by  shashank (98)

It's mainly after overheating of engine. Or there's need to replace thermostat and coolant and loose it or to replace upper radiator hose thermoswitch or sensor need to be changed.

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