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Question by  mahesh29 (16)

Why does my pee smell when I eat meat?


Answer by  Maria100 (33)

Proteins make your pee smell, because its nitrogen compounds are excreted in the urine and so you smell ammonia. Reduce your protein intake and you will see the difference very soon.


Answer by  CopingWithLife (264)

Any change in your diet has the possibility of changing the smell of your urine. Protein rich foods do tend to make your urine smell stronger.


Answer by  Esteme (274)

When you eat a great deal of meat, when on atkins for example, and not enough carbs, ketones are released; these are detectable in urine and can cause the stronger smell that you detect after eating meat. Be sure to balance your diet and drink enough water to prevent this.


Answer by  Sunda (110)

If you eat a great deal of meat to the exclusion of other food groups, you may experience ketoacidosis, which can cause both your urine and your breath to smell different.

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