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Question by  freezing (16)

Why do parrotlets bite?


Answer by  ElloNello (7)

Parrotlets bite as a result of fear or stress. One cause of a parrotlet's stress is a lack of sleep.


Answer by  dpboris (383)

Probably the most common reason is out of fear - though most parrotlets will run away or posture before they start biting. Another reason is to protect their mate - and remember, a parrotlet can think of you as it's "mate". Other reasons can be lack of attention, hormonal changes (in the breeding season) or molting (can be stressful).


Answer by  Mike7132 (393)

Some birds will just take a dislike to a person just based on age or gender. One took a dislike to my brother-in-law for yelling at his owner.


Answer by  richard91 (107)

If it's used to you and it usually comes on your hand and is comfortable around you and it started biting, it means that it's aggression is due to frustration. It can be caused by solitude, improper housing, food, etc. If not, it's just afraid of you.


Answer by  worker2751 (14)

The most common reason for a bite is because you are trying to make it to do something it doesnt want to do.

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