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Question by  JonReid (21)

Why are my hands peeling again after having Scarlet Fever?


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

This is a common occurrence after having scarlet fever or strep throat. You can call you doctor and he may prescribe an antibiotic if you are worried. Once the skin has finished peeling you should have no other issues.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Just because you had Scarlet fever and are now better does not mean that some of the affects due to the Staphyloccus infection that caused the Scarlet fever is done doing its' stuff. This may continue for a few weeks.


Answer by  worker8414 (17)

when a person gets fever the temperature of the body rises amd in order to reduce the body temperature water content in the skin gets evaporated along with the heat loss thus leaving the skin dehydrated this causes peeling therefore the patient must be given plenty of water to drink so that water content in the skin is maintained


Answer by  renganathm (23)

Due to the diagnosis of scarlet fever which may usually last a few days. . The main cause for the reason is due to the chemical peels being takan.

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