Question by  mimsykey (16)

Who and what is Wal-Mart's target market?


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

Walmart targets all market segments that are lower-middle class and poorer. However, with the recent economic recession, Walmart has been working to cater to middle and upper-middle class people as-well.


Answer by  zuidlaren (53)

Having seen a Wal-Mart store in Nashville last month, was impressed. Their target market would be every person or company seeking merchandise at an affordable price in a convenient location.


Answer by  WRAYCHIL (47)

I feel walmart is targeting everyday people. Those who actually work hard for money and are living paycheck to paycheck. The prices are great considering I have 3 children and I have other expenses outside of items I am purchasing at the store like the mortgage and daycare.


Answer by  JoeJohnson (41)

Wal-Mart targets middle income families between 3-5 people from small towns all across the world. They are the leading clothing manufacturer in the world and they sell food products.


Answer by  pattyhall (27)

The target market for Wal-mart I think are blue collar people who are looking for good quality at reasonable prices. Wal-marts are located in more rural than urban areas making it a destination for many rural customers.


Answer by  tumsy (467)

Their target audience was comprised fundamentally by cost-conscious, low-income segments. Walmart has also their target market for students. They are targeting all people because of competion from their rivals.


Answer by  HP4life (63)

The target market of Wal-Mart is varied. They are trying to bring in customers across most socio-economic backgrounds by having the lowest prices on items that people are already familiar with, especially name brand food and beauty items.


Answer by  Aya (797)

The target market of Wal-Mart is the middle class, both upper and lower, people with a little expendable income but who still find it important to budget and watch prices. Also, they are marketing towards the "traditional" family with heterosexual parents, one or more children, and a rather busy schedule.


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Old, nasty people. They usually look like hell.

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Dear Anonymous, If that is your opnion, then go somewhere else to shop.
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Answer by  les59 (852)

Wal-Mart targets lower-middle income bracket families and people. They want to target grocery shoppers, as well as money transfer and check cashing customers as well. They have many services and products that appeal to these groups.


Answer by  Anonymous

poor people who can't afford expensive stuff.


Answer by  Anonymous

ugly poor people

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