Question by  Peace (3)

Which side does your name tag go on?

I need to know how to wear my name tag.


Answer by  Bob4260 (88)

Your name tag needs to be visible to anyone looking at you, so put it on the right or left side of your chest, and carefully push the pin through your shirt. Perhaps your company has specific guidelines, so ask your manager or boss what the optimal placement is, and if it is on correctly.


Answer by  Mj23 (65)

Your name tag would normally go in the same place where a pocket would be on a dress shirt. So, upper left of your chest, above the nipple.


Answer by  vkstr (66)

I think they're generally worn on the right side but if your shirt has a pocket on the right side, wear the name tag on the left side.


Answer by  alz (2329)

There is no set place that it must go, but it normally goes on the left side of your chest, just over where your heart would be. This just tends to be the natural place that most people put it. However, if you are wearing a blazer, make sure it is completely on your blazer, not on the shirt underneath.

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