Question by  Gamewizard (14)

Which airline do I call for a flight to Greensboro?


Answer by  Jennifer94 (238)

Continental and Delta fly to Piedmont International Airport. This is a very small airport and it will not be easy to get a direct flight. I went to college in the area several years ago and there was a joke that the only reason it was called an international airport was because FedEx had a standing flight to Canada.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

Try searching some of the travel internet sites first to see what rates you can get. Sometimes the site has a better deal if you book the hotel too.


Answer by  vfisher (345)

For flights to Greensboro there are many different airlines that will fly you directly into this city. Some of those airlines include Delta Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, and American Airlines. Any of these airlines will be able to book a flight to Greensboro. Delta Airlines are generally less expensive than the other airlines.

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