Question by  abblin (39)

Where does the throttle sensor go on a Ford Focus?


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Typically the sensor is located down by the pedal. Possibly mounted onto the firewall itself. Unless it uses the old cable throttle setup then it may be on the intake.


Answer by  Camy (162)

The throttle body is located in the engine compartment, between the air cleaner and plastic intake manifold. The throttle body is connected by clamps to the upper air duct tube and screws to the manifold with special fasteners. One or more wires could be connected to the throttle body and a flexible cable connects it to the gas pedal.


Answer by  Tony07 (64)

The throttle sensor is located on the right hand side of the throttle housing. Follow the air intake down to the throttle. It should be a little black plug,with wires connected to it, bolted to the housing.


Answer by  Bobby30 (11)

This will be on the intake manifold in the engine compartment, refer to your manual or manufatureres intruction for instalation tips and tricks. This is a simple install for anyone with some car experiance.


Answer by  Joe57 (25)

Follow the air intake to the throttle to find the position of the throttle and the throttle sensor goes in the location of the stock sensor you find.


Answer by  pardhan (92)

The throttle sensor in a ford focus would be located in the front of the car because that is where all the mechanical working parts are located. The back part of the car is mainly used for storage. The best chance to see where it would go is by opening the hood of the car.

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