Question by  joanschneider1 (1)

Where do I find out about college grants or scholarships for students in Florida that are adopted?


Answer by  malone (4817)

Grant money is granted by a federal program that applies to all states and all citizens regardless of race/birth/disability/age/gender/faith/etc. Private organizations/corporations may offer specific scholarships, but there is no legitimate reason to believe that special consideration is needed. Being adopted is not a disability.


Answer by  Denise15 (49)

The first place that I would go to find out this information would be the Guidance Counselor at your school. They usually have a lot of information about various grants and scholarships that you are eligible to apply for. You can also try your local library or an internet search.


Answer by  jyg (12)

If you have an idea of where you want to attend, a financial aid adviser can give you the best options based on what you qualify for. If you apply for financial aid, you can also apply for subsidized and un-subsidized loans, as well as apply for a pell grant.

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